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Managed Services

Our Managed Connectivity Services

We provide a range of management and maintenance services, to keep you connected and your business running smoothly.

Why Choose Management Services?

Our telecommunication’s management services are able to offer the peace of mind you need. With a wide range of packages available, we can offer a service which is both flexible and affordable, tailored to suit your needs.

With 24/7 support available, remote network monitoring and scheduled preventative maintenance available, your system is in safe hands.

What we Offer?

  • Business Communications Consulting: Our team of consultants we get to know you and your business to develop an affordable, scalable and secure communications strategy that will allow your network to grow with your business.
  • Project Management: Hosted Technology Project Managers are highly experienced in communications projects of all sizes, from initial network design, through to procurement, installation and network testing, to ensure the smooth roll out and optimal performance of your communications infrastructure.
  • Training: Hosted Technology can provide comprehensive training across all our product and services. This can be delivered via web-based applications or in-house.
  • Network Management and Support: Our engineers will ensure the optimal performance of your network and the speedy resolution of any network faults or issues.
  • Network Design and Engineering: Our highly trained network engineers can design the most efficient voice, video and data network solution for your business, regardless of size, ensuring optimal performance from an affordable and scalable solution.
  • Network Optimisation: Our team can work with you to deliver a communication solution which isolates and mitigates against performance hindrances across your network. Using state-of-the-art technology solutions will ensure the optimal performance of your communications infrastructure.
  • Premium Support: Allow us to take out the headache of the day to day running of your services.

One Single Point Of Contact

We keep things simple by offering one package deal with multi-vendor support, meaning if something does go wrong you only need to contact us, as opposed to relying on multiple different companies to help with your technical problems.

Our team can offer remote or on-site fault diagnosis and support, along with replacement parts and product swaps where necessary. This can help to free up valuable IT time within your own business, therefore increasing productivity. Our helpdesk is available to answer any question you might have and we are committed to providing solutions quickly and efficiently.

Contact Us To Find Out More

Give us a call today to find out more about how our management services could benefit your business.

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