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Save on your phone bill by switching your traditional telephone system to a hosted VOIP system and enjoy the flexibility that this service has to offer. Take a look below to find out more.

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The Key Benefits Of VOIP Solutions

Stuffed Full of Call Management Features

VoIP systems do everything your traditional phone system does and then some. You can use all of the features that you rely on in the office like call forwarding, automatic call routing, call transfers, conference calling, and so on but from wherever you are. So, if you are working from home or visiting a customer on site, you will never miss that important call again.

Stress Free Scalability

Business’ currently using a legacy system will already be familiar with some of the problems inherent in scaling up. With a limited number of channels the process of onboarding new employees can quickly become complicated and expensive. It often results in the need to use clumsy workarounds – like sharing phone sets between users.

VoIP makes it easy and inexpensive to add an additional user. Additionally, you can scale your system without the expensive installation of new lines. In other words, VoIP systems can grow comfortably alongside your business, no matter what your size.

Saves Time, Money or Both

  • Switching to VoIP can save almost any business money for multiple reasons;
  • Moving to a VOIP solution can reduce your Hard cost;
  • Bills
  • If your business places international calls on a regular basis. VoIP rates are extremely competitive.
  • No need for the purchase or leasing of expensive hardware as with traditional phone systems
  • All maintenance can be carried out quikly and easily online.
  • Additional it can reduce your soft costs;
  • Travel time
  • Cost of travel
  • Making your staff work more efficiently
  • Reducing office space
  • Risk free growth

SectionFlexible System Management

Here at Hosted Technology can manage your solution or provide training so you can set up and manage your phone system, your options, and your users online from anywhere with an internet connection.

VOIP is Any Device from Anywhere

VoIP functionality needn’t be restricted solely to in-office use as mobile applications enable your employees to call using VoIP without any special hardware. In short – if they’re able to connect to the internet, they’ll be able to make voice calls through your corporate system.

It makes a huge impact on your mobility and productivity, making your team members easily contactable if working from home or out on the road. In many cases, employees will be able to retain a single number, regardless of travel or moves from one office to another.

For you, that means less wasted time and energy updating contact details or chasing outdated contacts.

Fully Future Proof Solution

VoIP helps you scale for future growth and enhance productivity. You can add new users and features easily so as your business grows, your phone system grows with you. Plus, you only pay for what you need, helping you keep a lid on expenses.

VOIP is an ever-evolving system offering the latest features and functionality with regular updates with no additional upgrade costs.

Peace of Mind/Disaster Recovery

There’s no need to worry about your system packing up and leaving you in the lurch. Our cloud-based systems are completely resilient because we use multiple, highly secure data centres. In the unlikely event that there’s a problem at one, your calls switch seamlessly to a back-up centre. Neither you nor your callers would even suspect there’d been a problem.

Hosted Technology is able to help you design a business continuity plan, so if your company ever experiences any difficulties with one press of a button your company is able to switch to a disaster recovery mode.

And if you need any help at any time with cloud-based VoIP system, we have a dedicated UK-based help desk waiting to talk to you.

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Excellent Personal Service – We will get to know you and your business giving you a designated support worker.

Unbeatable industry knowledge – Get the right solution for your business from Hosted Technology’s experts.

Industry Leaders – We are able to provide you with the systems of all of the industry leaders however with the personal bespoke service Hosted Technology provides.

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